Trusted Care Starts at Home: Ron & Eveleen

Ron and Eveleen share their story about how Caring Companions helped them.
After meeting at a singles dance in 2003, Ron and Eveleen had only been married four years when Ron had a stroke that turned their lives upside down and forced them to adjust to a “new normal.” Eveleen knew she would need to go back to work fulltime when Ron was released from rehab but didn’t know who would care for Ron. She did some research and learned about Easter Seals NH and the large variety of programs they offered to support Ron.

In addition to enrolling Ron in the Easter Seals Adult Day Program, Eveleen also relied on Easter Seals to provide transportation for Ron on the days he attended. While at the program five days a week, Ron especially loved spending time with the other veterans, participating in the Shutterbugs Photo Club, and spending time with children during intergenerational activities.After about a year, Ron was very interested in regaining some of his independence and had a conversation with Eveleen about cutting down the number of days he attended the Adult Day program. Eveleen once again looked to Easter Seals for options and determined that Caring Companions, a program which provides in-home, non-medical care to people wishing to remain independent in their homes, would be the perfect fit.

“I didn’t want him to be in an easy chair all day falling asleep in front of the TV if he was going to be home alone,” said Eveleen. “I wanted him to be engaged.”

So, Ron and Eveleen decided that having a care provider come to the home would be the perfect solution. Ron’s Caring Companion began coming to the house two days a week and keeping Ron company for several hours a day. He helped him with meal preparation and provided transportation for shopping, trips to the library and other local errands.

Keeping their ‘finger on the pulse, Caring Companions made a caregiver change after a few months, at Ron’s request to ensure the best match possible. Over the next few months, Donna worked out quite well. Eveleen felt that Caring Companions was always looking out for Ron’s best interest and that meant a lot to them.

“Caring Companions allowed us to modify Ron’s schedule and caregiver so that it worked for him,” says Eveleen. “It gave him a sense of ownership of his own daily schedule and allowed me to continue to work.”

Donna was a wonderful asset and worked hard to keep Ron active and connected to the community. Unfortunately, Ron began falling frequently which resulted in a hospital stay, some time in rehab, and eventually Eveleen transitioned Ron to a long-term care facility.

For Eveleen, Caring Companions was a saving grace and allowed Ron to regain some of the independence he craved following his stroke.

“Caring Companions offers choices and is modified to fit each person’s individual needs and personality,” said Eveleen. “This program provides a way for a caregiver to have some respite and still know that their loved one is being cared for.”

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