Homemakers & Health Services exists to provide quality care for your loved ones, and to keep them in their own homes as long as possible. Care services provided range from help with basic household chores, to more extensive in-home care and companionship.

At Homemakers & Health Services, we realize that every family has a unique situation, and that needs may differ. We give you choices – who will be providing the care, when and where care will be provided, and how the services will be provided – so that your loved one can maintain their independence within their own home or the home of those whom they live with.

Our caregivers are more than happy to provide transportation to grocery stores, drug stores, and other locations. Assisting with transportation needs can make life easier on your loved ones, and their families, allowing them to maintain their independence and perform errands on their own terms; whether they choose to have our care professionals run errands for them, or choose to participate.
Homemakers & Health Services can provide home care services for loved ones living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.
Does your loved one struggle with vacuuming, washing the dishes, or other household chores? Homemakers & Health Services can help by providing a care professional to assist with housekeeping and care services.
Laundry can be an exhausting chore for anyone, especially as people age. Homemakers & Health Services can send a care professional to help with laundry at your convenience.
Our trained care professionals can assist with personal care tasks, such as assistance with bathing and dressing.
Homemakers & Health Services can provide as many or as few services as your specific situation requires. Sometimes, that just means having someone to talk to, or attend activities with. Homemakers & Health Services is also affiliated with other dynamic senior programs. Your loved one doesn’t have to be alone.
Sometimes, something as simple as having a meal prepared for your loved one can be a tremendous help. Our care providers can have a home cooked meal prepared for your loved one, or offer assistance in meal preparations.
It can be hard to remember which pills to take, and when it’s time to take them. Homemakers & Health Services can help remind your loved ones when it is time to take their medication, and monitor the dosage as needed.
Hospital stays can be taxing on families and individuals. Homemakers & Health Services is always here to make the transition easier, assisting with everyday activities that may be harder after a surgery or medical procedure.
Caring for another person is a difficult job, and one person can become exhausted trying to care for a loved one, take care of family, work, and attend to their own health needs. Let us partner with you so that you can continue to the best caregiver you can be. Sometimes you need a little help. Many of our families tell us that through our assistance, they can refocus on being a daughter or son again.
Homemakers & Health Services can provide anywhere from 2-24 hours a day, 7 days a week- days, nights, weekends and holidays.
When the time comes, our care providers work side-by-side with hospice providers to assist with end of life care, making the transition as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

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